Mercedes key fob

The Mercedes Benz is a sweet ride, and an expensive one. When you invest in such a pricey vehicle, make sure you take good care of it. Unfortunately, one of the trickiest Mercedes parts to protect and repair is the key fob! The job could cost you as much as $500, and only professionals can handle it.

Here are a few things that could go wrong with your Mercedes key fob:

Is There A Problem With The Remote?

In most cases, there is some problem with the remote and not the key fob itself. To confirm this, use a backup remote to check if you can lock and unlock the doors. If you can unlock the doors, there’s something wrong with the remote. If the backup remote isn’t working either, there is some mechanical problem with the door lock.

If you don’t have a backup remote, ask your local dealership for a universal Mercedes Benz remote to help you figure out the problem. Often, the keys work fine mechanically, but there is some electrical problem. The receiver is likely disconnected, or there are loose wires under the dashboard. Only a professional car key replacement service that deals in luxury cars can diagnose the problem.

There Is A Signal Problem

It’s likely that your remote isn’t emitting a signal at all. A standard Mercedes remote emits infrared waves to convey the signal; these waves are invisible to the naked eye. You use your phone to check if the remote is emitting signals. Turn on the camera and point it at the remote. Press the button on the remote and see if you notice a streak of light in your camera. If you don’t see anything, the key is probably defective.

If you can see the light, the next step is to check the fuse of the central locking circuit and the antenna module. If the antenna module has fused, the fob might stop working. In most Mercedes models, the fuse is found in the dashboard, the engine bay, or under the rear seat.

Ignition Activates But The Car Won’t Start.

Many Mercedes owners complain that every time they turn the key, the ignition lights up, but the car won’t start. This usually happens if the keyless Go card isn’t transmitting the signal. If this happens, your card probably isn’t near the car. Ideally, it should be in your front pocket and not the bag. It’s also possible that internal wear and tear has caused the electronics inside the key to malfunction and its programming to fail.

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