Over the last few years, car key security systems have gone through a tremendous transformation. What once used to be simple mechanical keys have now evolved into sophisticated keyless systems. Companies like BMW have heavily invested in security technology to ensure the integrity of these systems. In this post, we will discuss BMW key fobs in detail.

BMW Key Fobs Are Waterproof

If you live in an area with high moisture levels, it most won’t affect the key fob. Most BMW key fobs can withstand day to day moisture levels. Even if you drop it in a small puddle of water or carry it in your pocket on a rainy day, the key fob will remain undamaged.

There are physical key blades inside the body of the fob. When you press the tiny button at the base of this fob, you can remove the key and unlock the door. The key blade is removable and is also known as the surfer’s key. If you’re going out on a rainy day and are worried about waterproofing, take the internal key blade with you and leave the fob at home.

However, the BMW display key and its touchscreen might be comparatively less resistant. Even if you’re taking a standard key fob with you, it’s better to keep the display key away from too much water.

Programming A New BMW Key

BMW key fobs are relatively easy to replace, but programming a new one could be tricky. In most cases, you should be able to do so on your own. All you need to do is remove the metal key from the fob and insert it into the ignition. Turn it to position and then back. You should repeat this step at least five times. Every time you move it to position, the engine should not turn over. Once the process is over, place the key back into the BWM fob.

Next up, you’ll use the buttons on the fob. Hold the unlock button down and press the logo thrice quickly. Repeat the same step for every fob if you have multiple BMW keys. Turn on the ignition to complete the syncing process.

If this doesn’t work for you, get a car key replacement service to do so for you.

A BMW steering wheel

Can Your BMW Key Be Hacked?

BMW cars are designed with security in mind. The vehicle will only unlock if it receives the signal from your fob. The expected signal is unique and constantly changes, making it hard for a third-party to hack your key. This is why burglars don’t even try to hack the security system. Instead, they will try getting within range of the fob. A potential criminal might sit at the table next to yours and use a signal amplifier to broadcast the identifying signal from your BMW.

To keep this from happening, we recommend keeping your fob in a signal-blocking pouch at all times. This will keep the fob-power-amplifier from detecting your fob.

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