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How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

Using the same key for many years can lead to it experiencing wear and tear. This may not be visible to you, but it can cause the key to snap off inside the lock, usually at the worst times. While your first instinct in such a situation may be to panic, remember that you can get […]

5 Of the Most Secure Places in the World

Some places in the world are so heavily guarded that very few people have seen them from the inside. The following is a list of the world’s most heavily guarded facilities, with the best security protocols in place.

Traditional Keys vs. Laser-Cut Keys

Duplicating keys and grasping locks seems like a somewhat straightforward and automatic process in the movies. But in reality, it’s a very complex process with a lot of moving parts (no pun intended). There are many different kinds of locks, keys, access systems and their combinations that determine how a locksmith helps you regain access […]

3 Reasons You Need a Spare Car Key

Precautions are seldom on a person’s mind when they’re handed the keys to a new car. People want to get onto the road as soon as possible and revel in their new purchase. However, taking precautions is always a rational option after buying a car.

The Key-Making Process

Replacing a car key is a job best left to a professional. Most people don’t have the expertise or relevant know-how to replace or duplicate a car key. Besides that, car locks are very sensitive devices, so if the wrong person tampers with them, you can have a damaged lock on your hands. However, even […]

8 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

Have you spent countless minutes trying to find your car keys? You’re not alone! A recent study found that an average American wastes 2.5 days every year finding lost items. Don’t you wish you had those hours back?

Prevent Locking Your Children in a Car

When you’re a parent, your days are hectic. You have a pile of responsibilities and chores to take care of. While running errands and managing your home it’s easy for parents to  accidentally end up locking their children in the car. Most of the people think that they are very responsible, and it might not […]

Key Replacement: Dealership or Locksmith?

People can lose access to their car or car keys for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the key can get stuck in the ignition, and the driver may try to forcibly turn or pull the key. That could break the key, which means you’ll lose access to your key and car. Besides that, your keys […]