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cheap way to replace a mercedes key

      Owning your dream car is an experience like no other, and when that car is a Mercedes there is no real price to put on it. Mercedes is a company that stands for elegance and design. If you are a proud owner of a Mercedes then no wonder that you cherish the […]

bmw car key replacement

  Replacing Your BMW Remote Key Fob ContentReplacing your BMW Key Fob Battery Getting A BMW Key Fob Replacement Ordering a New Remote Key Fob Activating Your BMW Remote Key Fob Activating Your MINI Remote Key Activating Your Remote Key in BMWs or MINIs with Comfort Access Key fob deactivation Can I reprogram a used […]

What to Do If You Can’t Turn Your Car Keys

Are you having one of those days where things just aren’t going right? You wake up late, miss breakfast, don’t get the time to dress appropriately, and when you get in your car to head to work, your vehicle decides it doesn’t want to take you there. There are numerous reasons why your car could […]

3 Myths About Modern Car Key Replacements

Technological advancements in automobiles have opened the doorways for criminal groups and thieves to explore innovative ways to use technology for theft. In 2018 alone, 228.9 per every 100,000 individuals got their motor vehicles stolen, the total loss of which cost around $6 billion. A year earlier, 772,943 cars were stolen in the USA.

Qualities of a Professional Car Locksmith Service

Locking yourself out of your car or losing your keys is always a major inconvenience, especially when you’re in a rush to be somewhere important. You can try to fix the problem yourself, but without the expertise, it’s likely that instead of fixing the situation, you might just make it worse.

Why Is My Mercedes Key Fob Not Working?

The Mercedes Benz is a sweet ride, and an expensive one. When you invest in such a pricey vehicle, make sure you take good care of it. Unfortunately, one of the trickiest Mercedes parts to protect and repair is the key fob! The job could cost you as much as $500, and only professionals can […]