The Porsche Auto 911

Porsche is expected to dominate the international car market in 2020! If you’re planning on getting behind the wheel anytime soon, you should know how to deal with lock and key failures that common to Porsche models. This blog might help you do so:

Understand The Ignition Lock

To deal with ignition lock failures in a Porsche, you need to understand how the lock and its components work.

The ignition lock assembly is found on the right side of the steering wheel of a Porsche. This is where you insert your keys. If the ignition lock fails, the car might not start at all. However, most modern Porsche models don’t rely on keys and use more sophisticated ignition technologies.

The ignition cylinder contains different notches that allow the key to turn to different angles and activate different functions. For example, a single clockwise click unlocks the steering wheel. To get the power windows to work, you need to click twice. A third click is needed to start the engine. When the ignition lock fails, all of these functions are affected.

Causes Of Lock Failure

There are three main reasons why your ignition lock might fail:

  1. If your Porsche is an older model, it probably has higher mileage. With higher mileage, comes extensive lock and key wear. When both of them wear out at the same time, the ignition eventually fails.
  2. At times, the bind column lock can cause problems. It prevents the key from being removed even after you turn off the engine. The bind lock could also stop the ignition switch from turning after you insert the key.
  3. The interlock solenoid is damaged or has become defective. This usually happens because of an electrical fault between the solenoid and the ignition switch circuit or if there’s a binding in the interlock linkage.

Prevention Is The Key

If your Porsche ignition lock is malfunctioning, you’ll experience issues with starting the car or getting the key in and out of the ignition. You may also struggle with turning the ignition back to the off position.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Never put too much weight on the keyring. This accelerates the deterioration of both the switch and key.
  2. Make sure your Porsche has a fully functioning battery. It is the battery that primarily feeds power to the ignition switch.

Porsches are expensive, and you shouldn’t try your luck with DIYs. If you feel like your ignition switch needs a repair or replacement, get in touch with professionals. If you’re based in Houston, there is no better car key replacement service than Car key 4 Less. We specialize in Porsche key replacement services. Call us today to set up an appointment—our technicians will come over within 30-minutes of your call.

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