If you own a car, chances are it’s one of your biggest investments. Since you’ve purchased it with your hard-earned money, you know how important it is to take care of it—particularly if you live in a city like Houston, which has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle theft in the nation.

Of course, you should always keep your vehicle locked to prevent vandalism and theft, but there’s actually a lot more you can do to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Here are a few tips.

Park in a Secure Area

Perhaps the simplest way to prevent your car from being stolen or vandalized is to park it in your garage. When you’re away from home, the best option is multi-story parking areas that either have an attendant or a ticket barrier. If you really have to park your car on the street, choose a well-lit area where there are people around.

Car Alarms

Many people think that car alarms do little more than wake up the entire neighborhood at 4 AM. But believe it or not, they’re a great deterrent to auto theft and vandalism. Fortunately, most modern cars come pre-equipped with an alarm. If you have an older model vehicle, you get an alarm professionally installed. Moreover, some insurance companies even offer discounts if you have an anti-theft alarm installed in your car.


Cars that are fitted with an immobilizer cannot be started without the right chip key. This makes it virtually impossible for someone to start your vehicle with a duplicate key or through hot-wiring. Just like a car alarm, immobilizers are standard equipment on most modern vehicles. However, if your car doesn’t have one, you should definitely consider getting it installed.

Car Tracker

Perhaps the best car thief-deterrent on this list, GPS car trackers have reduced car theft by as much as 78% in some states, according to statistics. A GPS car tracker is a transmitter hidden in the bowels of the vehicles. It can locate your vehicle anywhere on street level. VHF tracking systems are even better—they can locate a vehicle even if it’s hidden in a container of deep underground.

The only drawback of vehicle tracking systems is that they’re quite costly. You often have to pay a monthly subscription fee on top of the initial costs. However, most insurance companies provide discounts for vehicles fitted with a tracking system.

Following these tips will ensure your vehicle is that much better protected! And always keep your car locked. If you ever end up locking yourself out, CarKey4Less is always there to bail you out with our Houston auto locksmith services! Get in touch with us to learn more!

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