If you came to this blog post thinking it’ll talk about keys that can make phone calls or let you browse the internet, we extend our sincerest apologies. However, that doesn’t make these tiny devices that enable you to lock and unlock your car by just going near it, any less innovative.

Also called remotes/key fobs or proximity keys (each automaker has a different name them for their system), smart car keys have been with us since the 90’s. However, back then, they only came with high-end luxury vehicles.

Now, smart keys come us standard equipment with almost every car. These little devices not only make getting in and out of your car much more convenient, but also act as a great deterrent against auto theft and vandalism. Read on to find out how smart keys work.

How Vehicle Smart Keys Work

Vehicle smart keys have an integrated transmitter that uses radio waves to communicate with a receiver fitted to the matching vehicle.  Once the security system of your car has identified and confirmed the presence of the smart key, you can unlock the driver’s door by just touching the handle.

Once inside, you can start the engine by simply pressing the ignition button. Some smart keys can even perform functions other than just locking and unlocking the car. These include starting the engine or turning the air conditioner on.

The Advantages

The primary advantage of vehicle smart keys, which we’ve already discussed, is the convenience. If your vehicle has a smart key system, you don’t have to fish for the key in your pocket or your bag if you want to get into it.

The second advantage is the security. Since a smart key also acts as an immobilizer, your car won’t start until its security system detects the presence of the key fob. This means it’s virtually impossible for someone to start the engine using hot-wiring or a duplicate key.

The Disadvantages

The most notable drawback of vehicle smart keys is that they’re battery operated. If the battery in the key fob runs out of juice, it can be quite tricky to unlock your vehicle. Moreover, some people find vehicle smart keys to be too complicated. In fact, the AAA has rescued over 4 million of its members who locked themselves out of their vehicles equipped with smart key systems.

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