Keyless systems create a unique obstacle when it comes to people trying to steal a car. The driver carries the fob used for the ignition and entry into the vehicle.

However, as vehicles become smarter, so do criminals. The internet and the resources available on it enable people to access a plethora of tricks and advice on how to break into cars. As a result, stealing a car is not just about unlocking the doors with a coat hanger or starting it with an ignition pin.

According to the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), car thieves now use dedicated equipment to manipulate the keyless entry systems built by the manufacturers. With the proper AI techniques, they can now circumvent a car’s security system and access the vehicle easily.

The FBI states that car theft has fallen by 3.3% since 2018. However, the National Insurance Crime Bureau still warns the public about the rising car thefts involving computer equipment. According to a BBC report, hundreds of popular cars like Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Qashqai, and Ford Focus are at risk of keyless car theft, also known as relay car attack.

If you’ve just bought a new car and are conscious of your keyless entry system’s safety, you should consult with your local locksmith about the essential steps you should take. Here are some things you can do.

Install A Tracking Device

Many people ensure their car’s safety by installing tracking devices. A tracking device alerts the car owner about break-ins via text messages.  Tracking devices make it possible to track the exact pin location of the stolen car. Trackers can increase the recovery chances of stolen vehicles by 96%.

Create Physical Barriers

Thieves can only access a keyless car entry system when their equipment can transmit signals with your car’s computer system. A useful way of preventing this is to add physical barriers. These include adding steering wheel locks to your vehicle, a wheel claw, or parking in a public space, which can reduce the chances of a thief breaking into your car.

car with a wheel claw

Update Or Reprogram Your Car Keys

Often, when you buy a second-hand car with a keyless entry program, its computer system can be outdated and therefore easily accessible by tech-savvy criminals. It can be a challenge to obtain your computer system’s code in a second-hand car.

The easy fix to this problem is getting a software update or a re-programming service for your keyless entry system. A professional locksmith can reprogram your keyless car system according to your preferences. It will ensure that the computer system solely validates your fob’s signals and is not accessible to any external equipment.

car interior with a steering wheel lock

Our technicians at Car Key 4 Less are qualified to understand the process of how high-tech equipment in keyless entry cars works in sync with a car’s security system. We offer a range of services like laser key cutting, car key duplication and replacement, and key reprogramming. Ensure your car’s safety by connecting with us today.

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