Starting a car might seem as simple as turning keys in the ignition, but that simple motion initiates a complex sequence of interconnected mechanical effects. The ignition switch basically activates all the electronic systems and is a very important anti-theft mechanism. The ignition switch is unlocked with your key to activate the electronic systems and allows your car to start. Problems with the keys or the switch itself can create all sorts of problems

Faulty ignition switches can cause a lot of problems like mid-drive shutdowns, ignition problems and a lot of other problems. There could be a lot of reasons for why the ignition switch doesn’t work, some of the more common reasons are:

Worn Out Car Keys

This is more of a problem with metal keys which can wear out—basically it won’t fit into the ignition switch and the car won’t start nor will any electrical/electronic components. Similarly, the key cylinder might also have worn out and the keys don’t fit into it anymore to activate it. In either case, you might need to change the keys or the cylinder and the car will start and drive around perfectly.

Ignition Switch Faults

The key ignition switch and the cylinders are connected to each other through a shaft that contains connecting wires. When the car’s off, the circuit isn’t complete and in the ACC position, the circuit is complete, and the electricity is running through the car to power the electronic components. Sometimes the wires disconnect and there’s no way for the current to flow through the car.

Problems with the Immobilizer

Transponder chip keys transmit a code unique code into the car that make it start. Problems with the key or within the car can prevent code recognition—which happens through the ignition switch. This sometimes happens because of broken immobilizers that are ringed around the ignition cylinder and so the immobilizer can’t read the transmitted code. Other reasons why the code isn’t recognized are because of duplicate keys or even worn out keys.

What to do With Malfunctioning Switches

Sometimes all you need to do is get new car keys made, but at other times the problem might be too complicated for you to diagnose. So, you should get in touch with an automotive lock repair service provider like Car Key 4 Less. We provide a wide range of car key services in Houston, including car key duplication, car lock out services and auto broken keys emergency services. Call us today to hire our technicians to help you out with your faulty ignition switches.

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