A car locksmith, by definition, is someone who knows how your car locks work and solves all car lock-related problems. Whether it’s a malfunctioning lock, lost keys, or you need duplicates—your locksmith will solve all of these problems. You would do well to remember that the locksmith won’t change your car locks for you. Their skills allow them to create new keys—sometimes, they’ll change the ignition cylinder on your car if it’s worn out.

It pays to know when you should and should not call up a locksmith because what who knows what sort of emergency you’re trying to contain while locked out of your car. Maybe you have a medical appointment to go to, or a child or pet got locked inside the car. In any of these situations, you can’t afford the delay by calling in the wrong people.

Some reasons you can call in an automotive locksmith for include:

1. You’ve Lost Your Keys

Unless you’ve got a very old car, you’re likely working with some transponder lock system or automatic door lock—really technical business. It takes certified professionals to make duplicates, and if you’re not willing to spend a few hundred dollars at a dealership—the locksmith is the only person who can make duplicates.

The locksmith will charge you far less than a dealership to make a duplicate and might even be quicker than the dealership. There’s a lot of red-tape involved when you go to dealerships, and they charge a branding premium—when the actual job isn’t that expensive. The locksmith is a cheaper option.

2. Your Keys Are Locked Inside

A locksmith is trained to open car doors for a living—in the hands of a common criminal these skills might be threatening—but your locksmiths are nothing short of a blessing in these cases. Did you know that 51 kids died from excessive heat exposure in 2019? Nearly all these deaths were in locked cars because the guardians couldn’t get into the car or the child got into the car using their car keys.

It’s only through the services from a locksmith that you can get inside the car if the keys are locked inside—they’re fast, quick to respond, and will do a clean job. It might even pay to have a set of spare keys on you—something a locksmith can get done for you.

3. Key Broke in the Ignition or Lock

There’s no way to operate a car if the keys broke inside the locks or the ignition. Whether it’s the door lock or the ignition, you’ll need to call up your locksmith to get the keys out—and to replace the broken keys.

4. A Failed Transponder

Car key transponders are one of the latest innovations in car security technology. They allow you to lock and unlock your cars from a distance and mitigate the risk associated with a lost key. No one can start the car until it gets the signal from the transponder, so even if someone does try to steal it, the car won’t work for them.

But what if the transponder stops working? You’ll be locked out of the car too! Your locksmith can fix the transponder for you within minutes and have you on your way in no time. You won’t even have to go to the dealership to get the transponder replaced because, ultimately, it’s the same guy working under a brand name that gives him an excuse to charge more money.

Got Car Lock Troubles?

You should call the locksmiths over at Car Key 4 Less to resolve all of your automotive lock problems. We offer a wide range of services including car key replacements and duplicates for manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes and others. Call us now for all your car key needs in Houston, TX—we’ll be over in half an hour.

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