Car theft is pretty common throughout Texas. The state rans high with respect to the instances of car thefts throughout the entire country. Houston alone averages at about 24,481 stolen cars per year. Despite efforts from law enforcement agencies, there’s little impact on the number of thefts—requiring people to take proactive measures to protect their automobiles.

It’s not impossible to keep your cars safe really, all of us just need to be a little careful and adopt some mindfulness to reduce the risk. Some useful tips that can come in handy when trying to keep your car from being stolen are:

1. Think Twice About Where You Park

Never park your car where you can’t check up on it easily—if possible park it in a spot that’s always in sight.

The ideal parking spot should be well lit and where people are always hanging out. It’s not easy to break into a car without drawing attention and it can scare away possible thieves if they think someone can report them as they try to break in.

2. Keep All Valuable out of Sight

Don’t leave any valuables in the car—or at least stow them away where no one can see them. It only gives potential thieves more reason to break into your cars if they see something worth taking in there.

Remove the temptation altogether by taking all your valuables with you so that the thief’s eyes just slide over your car without drawing eyes to it. The less noticeable the car is, the less likely it is that they will try to break into it.

3. Get an Immobilizer

An immobilizer basically disables the ignition using a remote so that the car doesn’t start until you mobilize it again.

Keep the immobilizer separate from the car keys so even if someone does get their hands on your keys, they can’t drive the car short of disabling the mobilizer as well.

4. Invest in an Alarm

An alarm is the simplest possible car security mechanism you could install. Once the alarm starts ringing, people around the car will hear it even if you won’t.

If someone does try to break into the car, they’ll probably be noticed by someone and it only makes it easier for the police to catch them later and recover your car even if it is stolen.

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