Unfortunate as it sounds, Houston is one of the worst places for car owners throughout the United States. Texas, in general, has a carjacking problem generating losses of as much as $1 billion every year from car thefts alone. As such, you need to take extra measures to protect your car in Houston to make sure that you’re not one of the people who gets their car stolen.

Interestingly enough, a lot of people are actually going for old school car safety mechanisms throughout the United States—even if their car doors are incredibly high-tech. You’ll do well to invest in those yourself—each of these devices that we list below have simple mechanisms, but are extremely effective.

Wheel Locks

A wheel lock is a mechanical device that you attach to your steering wheel, so it doesn’t turn in any direction. If you’ve locked your steering wheel in position, there’s no way anyone can turn the wheel even if they get their hands on your car wheels because the wheel lock will hold it in place. You need a separate key to remove the wheel lock and no car thief has the time to wait around to remove it or pick the lock. The wheel lock isn’t sophisticated, but it can significantly enhance your car’s security.

The Brake Lock

The brake lock is quite similar to the wheel lock, but instead of attaching to the wheel it attaches to the gas pedal. Once locked into place, the brake lock makes it impossible for anyone to depress the gas pedal and accelerate the car. You could break into the car, get it to start, but no one can make it accelerate to move faster.

Brake locks also require a separate key to unlock and take off the gas pedal. So, if someone does manage to break into your car, they can’t take it anywhere because the car won’t move at all—they’d have a better time pushing it to their hidey-holes.


Tire locks are attached to wheels to prevent them from spinning. Obviously enough, if the tires can’t spin or turn, the car won’t go anywhere, and no one can steal it from you. If you have a car alarm installed, you’ll probably catch the person trying to steal in the act as they try to speed away.

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