When you’re a parent, your days are hectic. You have a pile of responsibilities and chores to take care of. While running errands and managing your home it’s easy for parents to  accidentally end up locking their children in the car. Most of the people think that they are very responsible, and it might not happen to them. However, when it does, it ensues panic.

This blog talks about 7 ways you can prevent locking your children in your car.

1. Always Tag Your Kids Along

When you get out of your car, make sure that you take your kids along. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a brief or an extended stop. It’s illegal to leave unattended children in a car.

2. Never Leave Your Car Keys within Reach of Your Kids

Always make sure that your car keys are out of reach of children. The auto-lock system in your car key can allow your kids to lock themselves in the car. Therefore, you must keep a spare set of keys with you at all times.

a mother holding a child near the steering wheel as the car keys are very near to reach of the child.

3. Check the Car Seat

Each time you leave your car, it’s essential that you check the backseat. To remind yourself, place a sticky note, or keep one of your child’s belongings on the dashboard. You can also put your wallet or your phone on the backseat.

4. Place the Child Seat So That It’s Visible to You

It’s best to keep your kid’s seat in the middle of the backseat. It will be easier to look at it from the rearview mirror.

a father adjusting the rearview mirror so that his child’s seat is visible to him at all times.

5. Avoid Talking on the Phone

Don’t talk on the phone while you drive. Being involved in a conversation may divert your attention and you might end up forgetting that the kids are sitting in the car.

6. Be Mindful of Routine Changes

Changes in your daily routine increase the risk of locking your children in the car. If you want to run an additional errand before going to work or need to shuffle around some chores for whatever reason, make sure that you set a reminder to drop your child to the daycare. Amidst extra work, you may forget about it and might end up locking your kid in the car.

7. Have a Locksmith’s Contact Saved in Your Phone

Accidents of locking your kids in the car can be dangerous and anxiety-inducing. To make sure that you’re out of this sensitive situation ASAP, contact Car Key 4 Less. We provide car key replacement, retrieving, and duplication services in Houston, Texas.

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