Silver key in a lock

Using the same key for many years can lead to it experiencing wear and tear. This may not be visible to you, but it can cause the key to snap off inside the lock, usually at the worst times.

While your first instinct in such a situation may be to panic, remember that you can get out of this problem by taking a few quick, easy steps.

Don’t try to push the key further by touching it; instead, follow these simple methods to remove the lock’s broken piece.

Gather Materials:

When you are already stressed out, it may be challenging to find items to remove the key. While you may not have pliers or tools handy, you can also extract your key with things like a metal hair clip, paper clip, safety pin, first aid kit, bobby pin, or swiss army knife.

A pair of silver tweezers


Most people will instinctively choose tweezers when their key breaks off in a lock. Choose tweezers that are not too thick and can reach in the space easily. It also depends on how far inside the broken key is, since bigger tweezers may end up shoving the key further inside.

Tweezers work best when a bit of the broken key is still outside the hole, as they can grab onto it. The further inside the broken key is, the less likely it is that a standard pair of tweezers will be able to do the job.

Broken Key Extractor Tool:

A broken key extractor tool is what your professional locksmith will use to take out a broken key. The device works by gripping the teeth of the broken key on the extractor hooks.

Once hooked, it will have to be turned and pulled, and this motion will remove the key.

Unless you are a trained locksmith, this will likely take more than one attempt and a lot of patience.

A locksmith taking out a broken key


This method works best when you can still see some of the key’s metal, so if you can’t, then it’s best to avoid this method.

Take an object that fits in the keyhole, like a match, and use glue on one end before sticking it to the broken key inside. Don’t use excessive glue since that may harm the lock.

When sticking the object to the key, don’t apply pressure as this may push the key back further, and wait for the glue to bind before you pull the key out.

If your broken key happens to be inside a car lock, it is best to call a professional locksmith to take care of it. Carkey4less provides broken key car extraction services in Houston at all times of the day. Make sure you never get caught in an emergency ever again by booking our services here, or call us at (832) 987-2211 and let our experts come to you.


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