You’re on vacation. You dropped your car keys somewhere, and you can’t find them. What will you do now? Don’t fret. This blog highlights four things that you need to ensure to get a duplicate car key made without the original.

Know Your Car Type and Model

It is an essential piece of information that will dictate the base of the duplicate key. If your car was made before 1981, you would only require a key cut from the usual key block.

However, if your car was manufactured after 1981, your locksmith will have to carve a transponder key painstakingly. This key contains programmed chips for safety purposes. The locksmith will appropriately program it, enabling it to start your car.

The third kind of key is a smart key. These are key fobs and have remotes attached to them.

Key Replacement Solution

There are a few methods that you can take to get a duplicate key. They range from DIY, meeting with your car dealer, or contacting an automotive locksmith.

You can choose any of these based on different factors, including time, cost, etc. After deciding the option, you’ll need to get some information about your car.

Managing costs is essential to overcome such a pesky inconvenience, and most car owners choose to go for a locksmith.

Prove Ownership of the Car

This step is essential so that the locksmith knows that the car belongs to you, and you’re not trying to steal someone else’s vehicle.

different number plates of cars in the USA derived through VIN

It requires you to have a VIN (vehicle identification number). It will be a proof of your ownership. You can easily find this number on either your dashboard or your engine bay. If you’re finding it hard to search, ask the locksmith to do it.

Locksmiths usually have access to different car key codes. This information enables them to create a new key in no time.

If you go to your car dealer, they, too, will retrieve the information for you, making it easier to get a new key.

Wait Patiently

Be mindful that getting a duplicate key made without an original can take longer than different key replacement processes.

 key machine with a golden key being made

The locksmith uses your VIN to sift through the car database to get the right key for you. Don’t forget to ask your locksmith whether the new key is programmed for your var. It’s essential!

Looking to get a duplicate car key made? Contact Car Key 4 Less. We provide car key replacement, retrieving, and duplication services in Houston, Texas.

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