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Some places in the world are so heavily guarded that very few people have seen them from the inside.

The following is a list of the world’s most heavily guarded facilities, with the best security protocols in place.

Fort Knox

Fort Knox is a heavily protected location that’s rumored to hold the real Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence.

The building also has the US Bullion Depository inside. The US Bullion Depository is a store for many tons of gold and important historical documents that hold high value.

Fort Knox boasts protections like no other facility, with squadrons of guards with machine-guns and military patrols 24/7 around the substantial granite barriers.

Bitcoins and US Dollar bills

The Federal Reserve Bank Of New York

The tight security in the Federal Bank of New York is due to the high amount of gold bullion being held there.

It is rumored to hold more gold bullion than Fort Knox, and many other governments store their gold reserves here.

The bank’s vault is guarded by security guards that watch and protect the perimeter at all times, and no one has ever been given access to go inside.

Vatican Secret Archives

If you were thinking of a trip to Italy, you might be disappointed to learn that the Vatican Secret Archives are not accessible to the public.

Only a select few academics and highly qualified clergy can access the Secret Archives, and even they cannot look at the rarest of items without approval.

The facility is heavily guarded and is cut off from the public eye, leading the public and skeptics to question its reason for existence.

The Iranian Gold Reserve

Nobody knows where the Iranian Gold Reserve is located precisely, but there are many theories around it.

Despite that, Iran has kept the location of the infamous Gold Reserve shrouded in secrecy.

An aerial shot of The Pentagon

The Pentagon

The Pentagon is located in Washington DC and is a symbol of the United States’ defense system. The facility is one of the most heavily protected ones on the planet and is guarded by the Pentagon Force Protection Agency.

The facility has taken extreme measures to protect against all kinds of chemical, radiological, biological, and nuclear attacks. Very few people are allowed in the building, even after careful security screening.

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