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Precautions are seldom on a person’s mind when they’re handed the keys to a new car. People want to get onto the road as soon as possible and revel in their new purchase. However, taking precautions is always a rational option after buying a car.

One of the precautions people should take is getting a spare car key, and there are multiple reasons for it. For instance, you may have left your keys in the car, lost your keys, or someone may have even stolen them. Getting locked out of your car is extremely inconvenient, but if you’re not convinced, here are those reasons in more detail.

Getting Locked out of Your Car

It’s impossible to lock a smart key in the car, but not everyone has a car that uses a smart key. For example, you may open the door, get out of the car, and close the door. And the next thing you know, your doors are locked with your keys inside.

Without a spare car key, you’ll need to wait some time before a locksmith can reach your location and open your car. Even the fastest locksmith will be more costly than keeping a spare key handy or at home.

Losing Your Keys

 A locked car door

You don’t need to permanently lose your keys to benefit from a spare car key. Suppose you’re getting late for work and you can’t find your car keys. In this instance, keeping a spare can save you some precious time, and you can defer your key hunt to later.

Additionally, if your keys are stolen, a spare will make sure you can still access your car.

Copying is Faster Than Making

Duplicating a car key is much easier and faster than making a new key from scratch. If you lose your car keys and hire a locksmith for a replacement, even the most skilled ones will take some time. In contrast, if you have a spare handy, duplicating the key is a matter of minutes for a skilled locksmith.

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